3RD Annual International Small Town and Rural Development Conference (STARDEC-2020)

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3RD Annual International Small Town and Rural Development

Conference (STARDEC-2020)

August 4th – 6th , 2020.


Theme: Rural Wealth Creation- A sustainable economic development strategy

The Center for Rural Affairs and Community Development (CERACODE) welcomes regional, national and international speakers, presenters and participants to small town and rural development conference. The conference will bring together practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, rural development specialists, researchers interested in rural areas across the country and beyond. This conference is a unique opportunity to share your own success, learn from a diverse group of individuals and listen to the latest issues that matter to communities and people who call rural home. This conference is with the aims of reflecting on innovations and development for the rural communities and other relevant normative, empirical, and theoretical concerns, implementation, strategies, management and policies that are distinctive to promote and sustain rural economies.

Rural Wealth Creation is an approach to rural development that combines best practices of economic and community development. The approach focuses on increasing local capacity and coordinating regional efforts to better meet market demand through a value chain.  To assess the current and future well-being of a community, region or nation we need to use a comprehensive wealth framework in which we include the full range of assets that individuals and places own. Wealth is not only monetary accumulation, but also the profound value of clean water, active and healthy workers, and stable roadways. These are critical non-economic factors that contribute mightily to societal well-being. Understanding the framework of rural wealth and rural wealth creation can impact the longevity and success of rural communities.

The conference creates forum for researchers to share views, opinions and findings on activities that facilitate developments in rural communities. Participants will as well disseminate their research to a wide audience of scholars and practitioners in Africa and beyond. The conference provides an opportunity to showcase topics critical to rural development in a way that facilitates discussion of new ideas and moves ideas to action. It is expected that participants will provide innovative ways that rural areas across the state and beyond will find ways to drive economies, increase wealth of rural areas and improve the lives of rural residents. This 2020 annual conference, to be held in Ijero-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria from the 4th to the 6th of August 2020, is in the process of receiving submissions from prospective participants. We invite you to submit your high quality papers on any of the topics of interest to the 2020 conference below which include (but are not limited to) innovative programs in relation to rural or community development and sustainability:


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